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  • Buster Premium Collar

    The soft and flexible BUSTER Premium Dog Collar is very comfortable and is used as protection after surgery or in case of skin disease. The BUSTER Premium Dog Collar is an ideal choice for patients recovering from surgery or minor injuries. Also suitable to protect lesions resulting from or aggravated by excessive licking, biting or chewing.
  • Icare Tonovet Tonometer

    ICare Tonovet Tonometer for quick and easy intraocular pressure measurement without anesthesia or air. The Icare tonometer is based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient and often does not even cause corneal reflex.
  • Kruuse Suture

    The KRUUSE suture range has been defined together with veterinarians from all over the world. The suture range under constant expansion, new types and combinations have been added to the assortment, due to the demand from our customers.
  • SurgiVet Advisor Vital Signs Monitor

    The SurgiVet Advisor Vital Signs monitor is the leading choice in veterinary multi-parameter monitoring. With its large, easy-to-read display and intuitive design, the Advisor is available in multiple configurations.
  • Tartar Shield

    Your pets depend on you for their care, which includes caring for their teeth. Periodontal Disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in pets and according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), it affects nearly 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three. Bacteria and plaque can progress into bleeding gums, tooth loss, and can even cause damage to the heart and other internal organs. Tartar Shield products are clinically proven to significantly reduce bacteria and plaque, helping to keep your pet healthy and happy.
  • Alfasure

    Alfasure, for the prevention of frothy bloat when grazing legume forage. For only pennies per head per day, you can achieve the higher weight gains available from grazing forages like alfalfa.
  • Vetergesic

    Vetergesic is a high affinity/ high avidity opioid agonist for premedication, anesthesia and recovery.
  • Shor-Line

    Beautiful and durable Shor-Line cages have been a mainstay in animal care for decades.

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